Let's say "Thank You" To Our Police Officers

Well, I have reached a point that I need to speak up for the police. Yes, you read that right. A firefighter speaking up for cops. This was originally going to be a blog about the biggest pet peeves that cops and firefighters have but in light of a local suburban police officer getting shot on duty last night, I am going to save that for another time.

I want to take a minute to recognize what an insane, crazy, job police officers have and they get nothing but grief from people for doing it. They do their job, people complain. They don’t do their job, people complain. We live in a society of entitlement and the men in blue are putting their lives on the line everyday to protect us. I feel especially grateful because they have protected me many times on my job as a firefighter. MANY TIMES!!!

Can you picture going to a job everyday where most people you come in contact with are not only not happy to see you, but will also lie to you about everything you ask them? I would imagine it would get old really quickly but they keep doing it, day in and day out.

I am friends with a bunch of cops and they are truly some of the greatest people I know. They care about people, they put their lives on the line more than you realize, their families suffer because of their job, and, contrary to some people ridiculous opinion, aren’t going to work with the sole purpose of annoying and harassing you, but I am sure that is one of the perks of the job given some peoples attitudes.

So instead of complaining about the cop going through a light, or whining about them giving you a speeding ticket for actually speeding, or one of the hundreds of other things people want to point the finger to cops about, how about we all just say “THANK YOU” and maybe buy them a cup of coffee if you see an officer in line somewhere. I am sure it would be appreciated. Let’s remember, they put their lives on the line for us. The very least we all owe them is our thanks and gratitude.

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