Random thoughts in my head...

Sometimes random thoughts come into my head. Ok, not sometimes, all the time. I usually can never turn my mind off which is probably why I can’t remember anything that I need to. Here are some of the thoughts that I are spinning in my head today. These are in completely random order.

I really regret not seeing John Denver live in concert. I can say the same thing about the Bee Gee’s.

I treasure the true friends that I have. The ones that I can belly laugh with and not care how I look.

Those same friends are the ones I can cry with also.

Self-doubt is a shadow that I am always trying to shake

It’s easy for me to tell someone “I’m only kidding” and mean it sincerely but when someone jokes around with me, I always think they are serious.

Accepting Jesus in my heart was the best decision I ever made

True forgiveness is an amazing thing

Even if it’s hard, honesty is the best policy

I wish I did a better job of sharing the Gospel with people

I love looking at open water but I really don’t like the beach. It’s a sand thing.

Certain dates stick in my mind always 1/10/97, 6/15/99, 11/6/01, 9/11/05, 7/28/07, 9/18/08, 6/2/11

I never get tired of pizza

The last 15 minutes of finishing an Ironman was one of the coolest things ever.

I hope to re-capture that Ironman moment again someday.

The closest I ever came to puking during a workout was during a spin class.

I’m always secretly praying things are going to be different when I look in the mirror

The same can be said when I get on a scale

It secretly drives me crazy when people care more about how they treat their car then their own body. Don’t buy white bread for a sandwich but then expensive oil for the car.

I absolutely love the Beatles song “In My Life”

I honestly don’t know where I would be today if one of the above dates didn’t happen.

I guess I'll save some more thoughts for another day.


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