The plan for giving up soda and coffee is in place

The other day I made the conscious decision to give up soda and coffee. I made this decision to reduce my caffeine intake to try to see what effect it would have on my hearing, which seems to be getting worse in my right ear. My left ear is already bad from the brain tumor I had when I was 28 years old. I’m always very protective of what remaining hearing I have in this ear because if I lose whatever is left in this ear, I will be pretty much deaf.

In making this choice to give up caffeine, I chose to give up soda also. I drink too much of it and I am addicted to it. To give up both my morning coffee and soda at the same time is something that I knew would be a challenge but I also knew that cutting them both cold turkey was the only way for me to go.


It’s been 4 days now and things are going ok. I have to admit that I miss the routine of my morning cup of coffee. I miss the smell of it brewing. I miss the taste of that first sip. Mostly I miss that feeling of starting the day with it. I think I am going to start drinking de-caf green tea but for now, I’m doing ok.

The bigger struggle I am having is soda. I never thought this would be easy. I knew that it was going to be a tough choice on a regular basis. I have been drinking water more but there are times that the sweetness of a Coke just seemed to fit. My friend, triathlon coach, and nutrition Expert, Meredith Vieceli, gave me some advice that I want to pass on to you. Anything related to healthy eating and lifestyle, she is the one that I will send my questions to.

Surprisingly, a lot of people have made comments to me about their struggles with soda also. They have asked me if I had any advice for them so thought I would share this. We are not in this alone.


Tried and true tips to get off and STAY off of the coke/diet coke/coffee:

1) Drink your body weight divided in half, in ounces of water each day. Soda takes up precious space that your body should be saving for good ol' h20. Too much soda = not enough water = mild to moderate dehydration.

2) If you're missing the ritual of hot coffee in the morning - replace it with hot tea - green tea is a great choice, loaded with anti-oxidants!

3) You probably had your Coke at the same time every day. Replace your Coke with sparkling water like Perrier or LaCroix. The bubbly drink will calm your cravings for carbonation.

4) Tell everyone you know that you are kicking the coke and caffeine habit - especially your buddies at work, friends, family. You are putting an accountability system into place.

5) Tell your kids you are giving up soda and coffee and this is important - tell them WHY. Such a teachable moment. Tell them you really need their help to stop drinking it. I'll bet you instantly have little members of the food police helping you stay on track even during your weakest moments.

6) Get it out of the house. Period.

7) Reward yourself - a little reward for each day you're off of it. A little bigger reward for each week that you stay true to your goal.

So now we have some tools in place to make this a success. Please post any questions or comments. You are not alone in this struggle. I have had some amazing people reach out to me recently to show me support in this struggle that I have. The more support the better. I’ll be praying for you. If you would like to contact Meredith, you can email her at or to my blog

1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.


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