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The plan for giving up soda and coffee is in place

The other day I made the conscious decision to give up soda and coffee. I made this decision to reduce my caffeine intake to try to see what effect it would have on my hearing, which seems to be getting worse in my right ear. My left ear is already bad from the brain tumor... Read more »

I'm seriously giving this up

I can look back on a lot of challenges that have come my way and smile knowing that with God’s strength, I have overcome them. I have been through a brain tumor, colon cancer, a divorce and bunion surgery. I have completed 20 marathons, an Ironman triathlon, and countless other events. I have quit smoking... Read more »

Do I live in fear?

One of the greatest challenges I face in my life is to live by “faith” and not by “fear”. Having a brain tumor at 28 and stage 3 colon cancer at age 33 can make even that decision even harder. I know that the results of both of those medical issues were good and I... Read more »

Some rules for Dads and Husbands

 Being a father has been the coolest thing I have ever done but it has also been the most challenging. It doesn’t come with a handbook. Fatherhood does come with the world looking at us like we automatically don’t know what we are doing. If we are grading fathers on a curve, then some of... Read more »

Some observations as a Dad

Sometimes being a dad can be an experience for sure. I wouldn’t trade being a dad for anything. I love every minute of it. Here are some of my classic moments as a dad. The napping child on you This is something that is special and makes every problem in the world disappear. I remember... Read more »

Benefit of the doubt-Do you give it?

Do I give people the benefit of the doubt? Do I choose to believe something good about someone quicker than I believe something bad when I have the possibility of doing either? Without the full evidence or the clearest picture possible, do I choose to give a favorable judgment? Do I give people the benefit... Read more »

My cancer introduced me to the Colondar

As I sit here at the firehouse, my thoughts are on a group of young colon cancer survivors getting together this weekend for a photo shoot for something called a “Colondar”. It’s a calendar that features colon cancer survivors. It’s been around since 2005, featuring different colon cancer survivors each year, all willing to show... Read more »