A day that I didn't see coming...

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and I dismiss it as just a one time thought. Other times I believe that I am actually getting spoken to from God and I can’t get the thought out of my head. Today was one of those days and this is one of those thoughts that I feel very convicted of. Some might say that I should take time to think about this. Others might say that it’s about time I did this. Some might even say that it isn’t a big deal at all. Well, I don’t need any time. I didn’t think I would ever do this and for me it is a big deal.

I have decided to take my yellow LIVESTRONG band off. I’m not going to write about Lance Armstrong because for me this decision isn’t about him and there has been enough written about him already. For me this is about what the yellow band stands for and what I represent by wearing it.

The most important item I wear is my wedding ring. It is a symbol of my marriage to Amy. It never comes off. Inside it are the letters IAGT. It stands for “It’s A God Thing”. Having a Godly marriage is very important to me and I believe that God brought us together. See my testimony and how I met Amy here.


I also wear a blue band on my right wrist. It’s from Phil’s Friends. It has my favorite bible verse on it, Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil’s Friends is a Christian cancer organization. Their whole purpose is to bring “hope” to cancer patients and their families through God’s Word and care packages. Please check them out at http://www.philsfriends.org

I remember when I first got diagnosed with stage 3-colon cancer in 2001. I remember someone putting me in touch with the LIVESTRONG foundation. I remember the first time I put on the yellow bracelet. For me the yellow bracelet was always a symbol to the cancer community. It was like I was a member of a club that nobody wanted to belong to. I wore my yellow band proudly. I wore it as a symbol for hope. I wore it to encourage other cancer patients. I wore it through marathons and training runs. I wore it through triathlons and bike rides. I wore it on shift at the firehouse. I never thought I would ever take it off.

But now I want people to see other things in me and I think that yellow band has gotten to be more of a distraction than a help. I want people to know that the “hope” they are looking for can only be found in Jesus Christ. I want people to not idolize some cyclist or any human being for that matter, but to put their faith in the one true God.

I’m not sure if there will be a cure for cancer in my lifetime or if ever. I do know that our God is faithful and I want to be a symbol for Him. Phil’s Friend’s is a great cancer organization. It’s not about 1 man or even finding a cure. It’s bigger than that! It’s about “hope”. I will wear that blue Phil’s Friends band proudly along with my wedding ring. The ring that symbolizes the love for my best friend. The ring that I wear proudly to show people that I belong with her. The ring that has the letters inside it that tell a story of how God brought us together.

While I am a little sad that I am taking the yellow band off, I am rejoicing in the “hope” that I still do wear: on my ring finger, on my wrist and in my heart. To God be the glory!

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