As I Participate In The Opening Of A New Church, I Reflect Back On My Old One

It’s been almost a year since my wife and I decided to leave our old church in search for a new one. It wasn’t a decision that we came to quickly nor was it something we took lightly. After all, we had both been there for over 10 years. We were small group leaders there.... Read more »

Do You Believe In Miracles! Yes I Do!!! I'm Married To One!

When I think about movies that have impacted me, there are so many out there. I could list Rocky, Brian’s Song, Rudy, or even Good Will Hunting. The list could go on for hours. What is on my mind right now is the movie “Miracle”. This is the Kurt Russell movie based on the 1980... Read more »

It's My CANCERVERSARY: 16 Years Since Hearing "You Have Cancer"

Today is my “CANCERVERSARY”. The day that I heard the 3 words that nobody ever wants to hear, “You have cancer.” There are many commemorative days in my 49 years. Some have stood out and impacted me more than others. November 6, 2001 was one of those days. That was the day that I heard... Read more »
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I Got To Give A TEDx Talk And The Experience Was Amazing!

I love watching TED/TEDx talks. I find them really interesting and some of them are just down right captivating. If you don’t know what a TED/TEDx talk is, it’s basically a video of someone storytelling. It’s an opportunity for speakers to present an idea on a certain topic in a time span between 5 and... Read more »

It's Been 15 Years Since I Heard The Words "You Have Cancer". Happy Cancerversary To Me!

Today is my “CANCERVERSARY”. The day that I heard the 3 words that nobody ever wants to hear, “You have cancer.” I shared these thoughts last year on this day. It’s amazing how many emotions this day brings up for me. There are many commemorative days in my 48 years. Some have stood out and... Read more »

Help Bring Hope To Cancer Patients And Their Families

Next year I will be celebrating my 15th year cancer free from stage 3-colon cancer. To say it’s been a long journey would be an understatement but I am so so grateful for all of the blessings that God has blessed me with. I have been in the cancer community for a long time and... Read more »

Am I Using The Platform That God Gave Me?

I hate cancer. I know I am stating the obvious and that’s a feeling that many others share also. Being a 14 year stage 3 colon cancer survivor, and active in the cancer community, I have seen far too many great people have their lives cut short due to cancer. This is something that is... Read more »

Two Roads Diverged In A Wood, Did I Take The One Less Traveled By?

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”-Robert Frost This month for our Blogapalooza challenge, we had 1 hour to write about a time you followed the road less traveled and it made all the difference. (The famous Robert Frost poem idealistically wants taking... Read more »

There Is Beauty In Being Married To Your Best Friend

Each month, the bloggers at ChicagoNow are challenged to write a blog on a topic that we don’t find out about until the last minute. We then have 1 hour to write and post it. This month’s topic is “Write about something you find beautiful that you feel others may not understand.” Proverbs 31:10 An... Read more »

You Are Either Getting Better Or You are Getting Bitter

I have been struggling lately. I struggle with my weight. I struggle with my walk with Jesus. I struggle in my role as a husband and father. I struggle in my relationships with my friends. I struggle with my attitude at work. I struggle in my role as a cancer survivor. I struggle with marathon... Read more »