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The clock starts now; limited window is open to trade 3 Cubs

The clock starts now; limited window is open to trade 3 Cubs
 When possible, always deal from strength.  There are players on the current roster that, if traded, would accomplish more in terms of salary savings and providing opportunities to let promising young guys play.  If we could trade Marlon Byrd, for example, that would open up a starting role for Brett Jackson.  If we could trade... Read more »

A cynical reminder for an optimistic time

For most of us it’s probably old news at this point — nevertheless, like a slumbering bear yawning out of hibernation for a moment, I feel the need to stretch out and remind folks of several essential truths about Spring Training. They are as follows: It doesn’t matter how great the veteran looks, he’s still... Read more »

Late February Cubs Smorgasboard of Thoughts

It very well could be that nobody is ever gonna read this.  At this point in this blog’s history, I might be shouting at the wind.  Seems the only way to get any attention anymore is to call out a phony in the most vile way possible, and even then all we get is trollage.  Oh,... Read more »

Mike Quade Speaks His Mind on Carlos Silva

  It was a busy weekend for the family, and myself as I got ready for two auction drafts this week. I did stumble accross the fact that the Cubs let Carlos Silva get a jump start on spending his paycheck. Well, the news spread and Silva took a couple shots at the Cubs pitching... Read more »

Roster Move Thursday

By the looks of it, Reed Johnson has made the 2011 Chicago Cubs according to Paul Sullivan. There was really one other suitor  Fernando Perez, who came over in the Matt Garza trade.   Perez hasn’t had a great spring, so the Cubs went with Ole Reliable Reed. Johnson is a good guy to the... Read more »

2011 Mega Spring Traning Preview: Carlos Marmol

Remember when Carlos Marmol was a starter? The year was 20aught6. Marmol started 13 games and pitched 77 innings that season, compiling a 5-7 record. In those 77 innings, he gave up 52 earned runs (6.08 ERA), walked 59 batters, and recorded 59 strikeouts. Woof. Now let’s fast-forward to 2010. In almost the exact same... Read more »

2011 Mega Spring Traning Preview: Sean Marshall

Sean Marshall was always like an itch you couldn’t scratch. That sweeping curveball ball always looked good, but it was bug you from time to time when it wouldn’t find the zone. Marshall and Carlos Marmol’s 2010 would have been even nicer if the Cubs were actually winning. Imagine if they Cubs didn’t have those... Read more »

Cubs make cuts. Who's left?

Lots of folks are reporting on the Cubs’ most recent round of cuts, so you can find those names elsewhere on the web. But no one has yet said who’s left, so let me try and be the first (roster locks in bold): C: Soto, Hill, Castillo, Ramirez (presumably one spot open) INF: Pena, DeWitt,... Read more »

Spring Training 2011 Mega Preview: Alfonso Soriano

Spring Training 2011 Mega Preview: Alfonso Soriano
Some people really hate Alfonso Soriano. For example, take this drunk woman I met in the bleachers last summer. Soriano hit two home runs in the game and basically carried the offense for the Cubs that night. Now I’m not Sori’s biggest fan either, but I can appreciate a good night at the plate as... Read more »

Spring Training 2011 Mega Preview: Marlon Byrd

Marlon Byrd was a nice surprise last season. He had all the makings of a Jim Hendry bad signing. A guy coming off a career year, plus the face that he was playing Texas. While, Milton Bradley didn’t work out, Mr. Byrd was quite good last season. He’s the perfect player to have on a... Read more »