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Series Recap: Cubs 0, Rockies 1,000,000

It appears as though Colorado has earned themselves a backdoor sweep of the Cubs, with today’s game being postponed due to apocalyptic dirges.  Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. What we know is this: The Cubs are closer to the basement than they are to the attic.  The team is a tepid 10-13, having surrendered... Read more »

Series Preview: Cubs vs. Rockies

We have before us a series of epic consequences: the 10-11 Chicago Cubs do battle with the 14-7 Colorado Rockies.  If the Cubs are able to overcome the odds and can actually string together consecutive victories, then we will learn that it’s actually possible. If, however, the Cubs continue lose as often as they win,... Read more »

Demp's start today is actually a pretty big deal.

Today is Stream of Consciousness Bullet Points Day! Haven’t you heard of this? The last time the Cubs got a quality start from a member of their rotation was on April 4 — nearly two weeks ago! — when Randy Wells held the Diamondbacks to one run over six innings. And then he strained his... Read more »