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One week with the New Cubs. Seven games. Five losses. Why?

One week with the New Cubs.  Seven games.  Five losses.  Why?
Or: The Most Important Statistics to the 2012 Cubs – Redux First of all – A. J. got himself hitched!  Now we’re all old married guys!  We can all start discussing mulching mowers and man caves (aka we get a WHOLE room in our houses to OURselves? Who cares if its the basement or garage?... Read more »

The clock starts now; limited window is open to trade 3 Cubs

The clock starts now; limited window is open to trade 3 Cubs
 When possible, always deal from strength.  There are players on the current roster that, if traded, would accomplish more in terms of salary savings and providing opportunities to let promising young guys play.  If we could trade Marlon Byrd, for example, that would open up a starting role for Brett Jackson.  If we could trade... Read more »

Thoughts on Randy Wells?

I’m planning to write about him soon, but before I do, I wanted to collect y’all’s opinions on him. Do you think his time is done, or can he contribute down the road? OPINE, BEETCHES!

Wells, Cash to DL; Now What?

The good news is Andrew Cashner’s arm is not completely destroyed. The bad news is, both he and Randy Wells (…wait, what?) are headed to the 15-day disabled list. I actually consider this news to be pretty easy to stomach. Of course it’ll hurt the team’s record in April, and it’s always unfortunate to have... Read more »

Cashner, Wells to the DL

Sarah Spain is reporting that both Andrew Cashner and Randy Wells are headed to the DL.  The former has a rotator cuff sprain, while the latter has a forearm sprain.  The paranoid in me wants to blame the pitching coach – after all, what are the odds of this happening so quickly?  Surely somebody is... Read more »

Larry Who? Cubs Still Getting K's

Larry, Larry, quite contrary. Also, Yankees suck. Remember Larry Rothschild? He hasn’t been gone for that long. He’s with the Yankees now, but from 2002 to 2010 Larry worked with Cub hurlers as the team’s pitching coach. Throughout his career, Rothschild has been considered a successful coach, and during his time with the Cubs pundits... Read more »

Cubs Recap: Hitters Hit, Wells Wins

“The X-Factor” brought it today. Cubs win. Good stuff. That’s what happens when you’re good at all three core concepts: the defense was good (Soto kept D-back runners honest with a couple caught stealings), the hitting was good (clutch insurance production in the eighth from Aramis, Soto and Sori), and the pitching was great —... Read more »

Randy Wells' Journey from AAA Castoff to Potential Ace

The young Andrew Cashner is scheduled to start for the Cubs this afternoon, a day after the team’s rotation officially went from 60% set to 80% following Randy Wells’ dominant performance yesterday. That’s right, dominant: after giving up two singles to start the game, 18 batters faced, 18 batters sent back to the dugout, with... Read more »

The 2010 Cubs were great at being awful

The 2010 Cubs were great at being awful
The folks at Baseball Reference recently posted an item to their blog titled, 2010 Cubs: Blowout Specialists. The Cubs lost 11 games last season by 10 or more runs; only 12 teams have managed to do that since 1901. How does a team manage to lose repeatedly by ten or more runs? I suppose conceptually it’s... Read more »

Cubs Spring Training Mega-Preview: Randy Wells

Rather than come up with something new to tell you what I expect from Randy Wells, why don’t I quote myself? “No, he’s not an ace. But Randy Wells is a solid, solid pitcher, as good a bet as any in the National League to give you 180 innings of 4.00 ERA baseball.” – Me!... Read more »