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The Reason why there was so much Jackson and Vitters in 2012

The Reason why there was so much Jackson and Vitters in 2012
Thanks to Bruce Miles, raw unsweetened Essence of Theo provides justification Behold one of the finest blog entries I have ever read from the Daily Herald’s Bruce Miles.  Simplicity in its finest – more or less a straight transcript, or at least, closer to a transcript of Theo Epstein’s 2012 Cubs post-mortem than the local newspapers felt like... Read more »

Third base for the Cubs - ugh!

Third base for the Cubs - ugh!
Hey!!  Lookee what I found? It’s the gaping black hole next to third base at Wrigley Field! Legend has it that Ron Santo himself cursed the Cubs when he was traded to the Hated White Sux, and used the dark powers that held him together throughout all his years with Diabetes to create the deep,... Read more »

I'm kinda proud of you all, Cubs fans

Well, they finally did it.  House has been cleaned.  There are still some Mathers and Sorianos lying about, and I still can’t imagine what the hell a “stress reaction” is in Garza’s elbow – probably is a new word for “pain”.  I believe the extra effort they had to put in on the Dempster deal... Read more »

So called Cubs "prospects" are not young; should be played anyhow

Chicago sports radio host and longtime semanticist Dan Bernstein made a point today, that the bloggers (such as this one) who have been beating the drums for the Cubs to “play the young guys” are wrong.  Not so much because he thinks Quade needs to keep running out Soriano, Fukudome, Ramirez, Pena etc., but because... Read more »

Cubs Minor Threat: May 3

The latest in a spate of new weekly features at GROTA is named after a punk band that I enjoy. Here is a great song by them. Tony Campana totally looks like Mega Man. Across all levels, the Cubs system is going through some growing pains lately. Here are some things that are, for the... Read more »