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Cubs: it's not the losing as much as it is who's doing the losing

Dunno about you, but I find it to be a very bewildering time to be a Cub fan. As far as the whole “Ricketts Family puts hand out for public aid in a city run by Obama’s ex-chief of staff at the same time Pappy Joe decides to finance a Super PAC with the sole... Read more »

Frustrating times both in Cub Nation in general and at Goatriders in particular

Been taking some shit from some of you about the brevity and the sparsity of our posts.  I could assume a lot of it is due to your frustration of being a Cubs fan.  I share your frustration.  The season is a month old and, what, Marmol has lost four goddancing games all by himself?  It was... Read more »

One week with the New Cubs. Seven games. Five losses. Why?

One week with the New Cubs.  Seven games.  Five losses.  Why?
Or: The Most Important Statistics to the 2012 Cubs – Redux First of all – A. J. got himself hitched!  Now we’re all old married guys!  We can all start discussing mulching mowers and man caves (aka we get a WHOLE room in our houses to OURselves? Who cares if its the basement or garage?... Read more »

Happy New Year! Here are your 2012 Cubs as of right now.

There’ve been a few moves, but for the most part it’s still not quite clear what next year’s Cubs will look like. The picture almost certainly won’t be any clearer until we figure out the fate of a certain Cub starting pitcher, and that is Matt Garza. Every Cub outlet in the universe has already... Read more »

So what will the Cubs look like in 2012?

So what will the Cubs look like in 2012?
First things first: Carlos Pena’s 2011 OPS+ is 115, and Aramis Ramirez’ is 139. Who is going to play first base for us next year?  Going into this season, we eagerly counted and re-counted the dollars still on the books for 2012, trying to figure out how we might pay Albert Pujols his $25 million... Read more »

As dust settles, here are Cubs three trades I think will happen.

After the last spate of injuries, combined with the team’s 29-game losing streak (at least it seemed that long), the Cubs blogosphere appeared to go into sell mode. “Blow this team up!” “Trade everyone!” “I have feelings too!” “Do you even go to this school?” Etc. And as is always the case with trade talk,... Read more »

Is DJ LeMahieu's call up trade-related?

Yet another productive Cub has been added to the disabled list; this time it’s Jeff Baker, he of the .512 batting average and .659 slugging percentage against left-handed pitching. Furthermore, the Cubs have already announced Baker’s replacement — and it’s not who you’d expect the team to call up. Convention would say Bobby Scales is... Read more »

Could Jeff Baker lead off against lefties?

HI MY NAME IS JEFF BAKER AND I’M INTENSE. Dare I say it? I think Quade’s gonna bat Jeff Baker leadoff against lefties in 2011.  This may not be news to you, considering Baker got 28 at-bats in the leadoff spot last year, and started in the one-spot seven times at the end of last... Read more »

Spring 2011 Mega Preview: Jeff Baker

When used properly, Jeff Baker absolutely can be an asset to a big-league club.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case last year.  Coming into 2010, some were expecting a big break-out season from Baker.  After being discarded by the Rockies early in 2009, the Cubs picked him up and he posted an OPS of .810... Read more »