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Cashner, Wells to the DL

Sarah Spain is reporting that both Andrew Cashner and Randy Wells are headed to the DL.  The former has a rotator cuff sprain, while the latter has a forearm sprain.  The paranoid in me wants to blame the pitching coach – after all, what are the odds of this happening so quickly?  Surely somebody is... Read more »

A post about injuries (I am seriously going to regret writing this)

Spring Training 2011 is over, and barring an unfortunate update on the status of Marlon Byrd’s back, the Cubs appear to have achieved goal number one for any offseason: stay healthy. Other teams in the division have not been so lucky. If you think of Johnny Cueto as a potential staff ace, then you could... Read more »

Inside SI's 2011 Chicago Cubs Team Health Report

For the past nine years, Will Carroll has written a series of preview articles for each team in MLB called his Team Health Reports. The reports label each team’s likely starters as either a “green light,” “yellow light,” or “red light” player based on his injury risk. And these aren’t just arbitrary assignments — Carroll’s... Read more »