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So what will the Cubs look like in 2012?

So what will the Cubs look like in 2012?
First things first: Carlos Pena’s 2011 OPS+ is 115, and Aramis Ramirez’ is 139. Who is going to play first base for us next year?  Going into this season, we eagerly counted and re-counted the dollars still on the books for 2012, trying to figure out how we might pay Albert Pujols his $25 million... Read more »

Is Blake DeWitt better than Darwin Barney?

Inspired by all this draft talk, I was about to write up a post that speculated on the Cubs’ likely lineup for Opening Day 2012. At least in my eyes it got pretty interesting pretty quickly; I put Brett Jackson in the leadoff spot batting first, for example. In the two-hole, I had Blake DeWitt,... Read more »

So called Cubs "prospects" are not young; should be played anyhow

Chicago sports radio host and longtime semanticist Dan Bernstein made a point today, that the bloggers (such as this one) who have been beating the drums for the Cubs to “play the young guys” are wrong.  Not so much because he thinks Quade needs to keep running out Soriano, Fukudome, Ramirez, Pena etc., but because... Read more »

Is DJ LeMahieu's call up trade-related?

Yet another productive Cub has been added to the disabled list; this time it’s Jeff Baker, he of the .512 batting average and .659 slugging percentage against left-handed pitching. Furthermore, the Cubs have already announced Baker’s replacement — and it’s not who you’d expect the team to call up. Convention would say Bobby Scales is... Read more »