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The Reason why there was so much Jackson and Vitters in 2012

The Reason why there was so much Jackson and Vitters in 2012
Thanks to Bruce Miles, raw unsweetened Essence of Theo provides justification Behold one of the finest blog entries I have ever read from the Daily Herald’s Bruce Miles.  Simplicity in its finest – more or less a straight transcript, or at least, closer to a transcript of Theo Epstein’s 2012 Cubs post-mortem than the local newspapers felt like... Read more »

Monday Morning News-Blitz

The News-Blitz is a quick run through the metro papers to see what our favorite writers are writing about our favorite team. We will look for trends and what-not to help figure out the problems of the world, while trying to keep our sanity. Currrent Standings: Cubs 15-18, 4 Games back of the St. Louis... Read more »

Monday Morning News Blitz

Welcome to a new feature here at GROTA. Every Monday morning, I will blitz through the stories from the three major Cub publications (The Tribune, Daily Herald and The Sun-Times). We will look at what trends are going on, and see what our beat writers think, while providing some commentary.   Now it’s time to... Read more »