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Frustrating times both in Cub Nation in general and at Goatriders in particular

Been taking some shit from some of you about the brevity and the sparsity of our posts.  I could assume a lot of it is due to your frustration of being a Cubs fan.  I share your frustration.  The season is a month old and, what, Marmol has lost four goddancing games all by himself?  It was... Read more »

The shortest post in Goatriders history

The shortest post in Goatriders history

I call bullshit on Josh Hamilton

I can’t stand it: this has to be said. Three years ago, a bunch of pictures on Deadspin surfaced about America’s Newest Baseball Sweetheart, redemption boy Josh Hamilton, drunk off his ass in some chintzy bar, licking whipped cream off of floozies’breasts. We all knew about his prodigious habits, crack, coke, booze, sluts, God knows... Read more »

Epstein sneaks into Chicago (twice) and Only Starbucks Guy Knew.

This feels like a coup.  It is almost as if Theo Epstein snuck out of Boston like the Colts out of Baltimore. While the Boston Red Sox front office seemed overly occupied with creating the ChickenGate smear campaign against Francona, the stove was cranked up and a flurry of Theo-to-Chicago reports progressively materialized in the... Read more »

On sexism and trolling in sports

On sexism and trolling in sports
A few days back, Facebook friend – and ChicagoNow alumni – Julie DiCaro posted an article about sportswriter Jennifer Gish. Gish had written an article following Buffalo’s Week 2 victory over the Raiders in which she mocked the rampant enthusiasm of Bills fans, particularly in light of those poor dopes who actually thought the Bills... Read more »