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Cubs 2012 - Week 2 Recap

Cubs 2012 - Week 2 Recap
Let’s recap everything that matters thus far the past two weeks: Jeff Samardzija – barely finished a fifth inning that he entered with a nine-run lead.  Maybe he requires the rush of close competition.  It sure looked like he completely lost focus Friday evening.  Darwin Barney – does not hit like a starting big league... Read more »

One week with the New Cubs. Seven games. Five losses. Why?

One week with the New Cubs.  Seven games.  Five losses.  Why?
Or: The Most Important Statistics to the 2012 Cubs – Redux First of all – A. J. got himself hitched!  Now we’re all old married guys!  We can all start discussing mulching mowers and man caves (aka we get a WHOLE room in our houses to OURselves? Who cares if its the basement or garage?... Read more »

Series Recap: Cubs 0, Rockies 1,000,000

It appears as though Colorado has earned themselves a backdoor sweep of the Cubs, with today’s game being postponed due to apocalyptic dirges.  Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. What we know is this: The Cubs are closer to the basement than they are to the attic.  The team is a tepid 10-13, having surrendered... Read more »