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Can the Cubs beat the Red Sox?

Historic series! 1918! Can you believe how long ago that was? That was so long ago! Who cares, it’s 2011 and the Red Sox are way better than the Cubs. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the North Siders are about to be swept. Having said that, tonight looks like a sure loss. Jon Lester is... Read more »

Giant Killers(?)- Giants at Cubs May 13-15

Just as one diminutive former LSU infielder leaves town, one comes in for the weekend with the 2010 World Series Champion Giants.  The Champs are leading the NL West by a slim one-game margin, but are on a blistering six game winning streak.  Much of their success on this streak has been due to timely... Read more »

Cubs Series Preview: Hope no one poops in the dugout this time.

Surprise: Pete Alford wrote this series preview also! But I came up with that clever title. Go me! Cincinnati Reds (16-15) at Chicago Cubs (14-16) The Toothpick comes to town to spread goodwill and “dudes” at the Friendly Confines for the first time this season. While I hope no one on his team defecates in his... Read more »

Series Preview: Cubs at Dodgers

Surprise: This post was actually written by Pete Alford! Chicago Cubs (12-15) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (14-15) The month of April can be best described as one of mediocrity.  For the majority of the month the Cubs hovered around .500 and never seemed to get off the ground.  The Cubs head to Chavez Ravine to... Read more »

Series Preview: April 28th, 2011 - Cubs vs. Diamondbacks

Overview Chicago Cubs (10-13, 2.5 games out of 1st) vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (10-13, 6 games out of first) There’s something incredibly soothing about how crappy the NL Central is.  After all, were the 10-13 Cubs playing in the West, then they’d already be 6 games behind the surging Rockies (who, if you recall, just administered... Read more »

Series Preview: Cubs vs. Rockies

We have before us a series of epic consequences: the 10-11 Chicago Cubs do battle with the 14-7 Colorado Rockies.  If the Cubs are able to overcome the odds and can actually string together consecutive victories, then we will learn that it’s actually possible. If, however, the Cubs continue lose as often as they win,... Read more »