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Disclaimer: all of these Cubs trade ideas are terrible.

This afternoon I had some exchanges on Twitter with @CubsDen (read him!) and @Carl9730 (follow him!) about the Cubs’ current roster. Carl asked if we thought the Cubs would add more pitching; John and I agreed that the 40-man is already pretty well set, so any change to the ML roster — pitching OR hitting — would... Read more »

2011 Player Recap - Blake DeWitt

2011 Player Recap - Blake DeWitt
A couple of months ago, my dad and I road tripped down to Memphis to visit my son, drink on Beale St, laugh at how crappy Graceland actually is, etc.  Along I-55, in Sikeston, MO, sits Lambert’s Cafe, the World’s HQ of gluttony and the originator of that most quaint of Midwestern traditions, throwed rolls. ... Read more »

Free Agent Preview Pt. 2 - the Second Basemen

With respect to Darwin Barney, Blake DeWitt and any other Cub who’s sniffed the second base bag, a high priority on Thejedeo’s list needs to be the vast improvement of most of the lineup.  This doesn’t necessarily begin at second base, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to upgrade here, unless the team is comfortable with... Read more »