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2011 Player Recap - Sean Marshall

2011 Player Recap - Sean Marshall
Since this is partly my blog, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!  If you’re not Christian, okay, Happy Winter Solstice!  Christmas was set up to leverage the carryings on from an old pagan holiday, anyway.  Most biblical scholars believe Christ was born in June.  Whatevs, tis the season where many of us choose to... Read more »

The Cubs have begun to hit well, but pitching still a problem

I apologize for the matter-of-fact title of this little essay.  I’ve been waiting for a long time for an inspiration to come, but could not hold out any longer without saying what I have to say today.  Mind you, it’s the same damn thing I said a couple of weeks ago. I don’t claim to... Read more »

2011 Mega Spring Traning Preview: Sean Marshall

Sean Marshall was always like an itch you couldn’t scratch. That sweeping curveball ball always looked good, but it was bug you from time to time when it wouldn’t find the zone. Marshall and Carlos Marmol’s 2010 would have been even nicer if the Cubs were actually winning. Imagine if they Cubs didn’t have those... Read more »