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Meet your new 2012 Cubs "long man" - Mr. Ryan Dempster

Meet your new 2012 Cubs "long man" - Mr. Ryan Dempster
Well, we were all fooled!  Normally I pride myself on being able to see through the hype (see Sosa, Sammy) and see what a pile of crap most players are.  Dempster was good, really good, at selling us on his warm-and-fuzzy facade.  He runs up mountains!  He is a super dad!  He does horrifically bad... Read more »

Ryan Dempster Eats Ass

This one’s for the Cubs Coven – BK and all his alter egos, Hawk, Forklift, Stew and Kurt, the young, idealistic rose colored glasses wearing Cub fan who we managed to educate, and turn to the dark side… See, harken back to the exciting days July 2001, when the Tampa Bay Rays were actually Devil Rays... Read more »

Frustrating times both in Cub Nation in general and at Goatriders in particular

Been taking some shit from some of you about the brevity and the sparsity of our posts.  I could assume a lot of it is due to your frustration of being a Cubs fan.  I share your frustration.  The season is a month old and, what, Marmol has lost four goddancing games all by himself?  It was... Read more »

Cubs 2012 - Week 2 Recap

Cubs 2012 - Week 2 Recap
Let’s recap everything that matters thus far the past two weeks: Jeff Samardzija – barely finished a fifth inning that he entered with a nine-run lead.  Maybe he requires the rush of close competition.  It sure looked like he completely lost focus Friday evening.  Darwin Barney – does not hit like a starting big league... Read more »

Unconditional Faith in Theo Must Endure

So, the lineup that needs NO introduction, because, even if I introduced it, nobody would care….your 2012 Chicago Cubs! DeJesus RF, Barney 2B, Castro SS, LaHair 1B, Soriano LF, Stewart 3B, Byrd CF, Soto C, Dempster P. A 22 year old third hitter, a Quadruple A poster boy, a miserable, godforesaken contract, a rookie-of-the-year who... Read more »

Why do we even bother - The 2011 Cubs at the halfway point

They’ve played 79 games….eeeeh, close enough. In situations such as the one your 2011 Chicago Cubs find themselves in, the biggest commodity that needs to be doled out is “blame”, although there are some reasons for “praise” as well.  When discharging your own personal Protected By Our Constitution Assault Weapon of Blame, you may choose... Read more »

We listen to Cubs related banter on the radio, so you don't have to

Over the past few days, I have had the opportunity to listen to tons of Chicago sports radio, nearly all of which are concerned with the upcoming Cubs/Sox series.  Of that, most of it has devolved into comparisons between the good-pitch/no-hit Sox being torn apart by the constant bickering between their manager and Gm, and... Read more »

The Ten Best Cubs Right Now: Goat Picks

Again, this list is meant to rank the current Cubs on talent in the current moment. If you needed to win a game tomorrow, who would you ask to pitch? If you needed a hit off a major league pitcher in the next 15 minutes, who would you send to the plate? Yesterday I published... Read more »

The Cubs have begun to hit well, but pitching still a problem

I apologize for the matter-of-fact title of this little essay.  I’ve been waiting for a long time for an inspiration to come, but could not hold out any longer without saying what I have to say today.  Mind you, it’s the same damn thing I said a couple of weeks ago. I don’t claim to... Read more »

And the game ball goes to... Jeff Samardzija?

Ryan Dempster did not have his best stuff last night, giving up five earned runs on eight hits, including a homer, while collecting just three strikeouts against two walks. After five innings, the Cubs were losing 5-3. Generally, for Quade, that means a call to the B-team: bring in Berg, or Grabow, or whoever. Last... Read more »