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Cubs: it's not the losing as much as it is who's doing the losing

Dunno about you, but I find it to be a very bewildering time to be a Cub fan. As far as the whole “Ricketts Family puts hand out for public aid in a city run by Obama’s ex-chief of staff at the same time Pappy Joe decides to finance a Super PAC with the sole... Read more »

2011 Player Recap - Reed Johnson

2011 Player Recap - Reed Johnson
This first part of the Recap concerns the veterans whose contracts have expired, and since this consists of four men: Pena, Ramirez, Johnson and Grabow; of whom Kurt has already spoken of Pena, A. J. will speak of Ramirez, and only God himself can speak for Grabow, I will share a few thoughts for you... Read more »

Why do we even bother - The 2011 Cubs at the halfway point

They’ve played 79 games….eeeeh, close enough. In situations such as the one your 2011 Chicago Cubs find themselves in, the biggest commodity that needs to be doled out is “blame”, although there are some reasons for “praise” as well.  When discharging your own personal Protected By Our Constitution Assault Weapon of Blame, you may choose... Read more »

We have found out how good the Cubs are....not very.

We have found out how good the Cubs are....not very.
Alfonso Soriano is 35 in Dominican years, which means he is probably 38 in people years. As you all know, he makes 19 million dollars a year, which represents about a fifth of the payroll.  (Z also makes another 1/5th of the payroll, but more on that in a bit).  For his lion’s share of... Read more »

2011 Chicago Cubs Apocalypse Round Table

The 2011 Major League Baseball season is finally here. I don’t know about you, but I could only take so much more of debating whether Koyie Hill should be the back up catcher. In all likelihood, it’s highly unlikely that his inclusion on the roster will make or break the Cubs chances in 2011. The... Read more »

Roster Move Thursday

By the looks of it, Reed Johnson has made the 2011 Chicago Cubs according to Paul Sullivan. There was really one other suitor  Fernando Perez, who came over in the Matt Garza trade.   Perez hasn’t had a great spring, so the Cubs went with Ole Reliable Reed. Johnson is a good guy to the... Read more »

Spring Training 2011 Mega Preview: Reed Johnson

I don’t know if you noticed it the same way that I did, but 2010 really seemed… off somehow regarding the Cubs.  It wasn’t their lack of a consistent offensive presence, nor was it the mysterious “snoring” sounds that often came from Lou Piniella during the latter innings of most games.  It was the definitive... Read more »

Cubs to extend Marmol - not a great idea

One thing you’ll probably figure out about me before long — I’m a total dork.  I’m a geek.  A nerd.  Wait, nerds are smart?  Then I guess I’m just a geek.  In any event, I love playing computer games, including OOTP Baseball, which allows users to run an organization over the course of decades.  Will... Read more »