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2011 Player Recap - Sean Marshall

2011 Player Recap - Sean Marshall
Since this is partly my blog, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!  If you’re not Christian, okay, Happy Winter Solstice!  Christmas was set up to leverage the carryings on from an old pagan holiday, anyway.  Most biblical scholars believe Christ was born in June.  Whatevs, tis the season where many of us choose to... Read more »

Cubs Series Preview: Hope no one poops in the dugout this time.

Surprise: Pete Alford wrote this series preview also! But I came up with that clever title. Go me! Cincinnati Reds (16-15) at Chicago Cubs (14-16) The Toothpick comes to town to spread goodwill and “dudes” at the Friendly Confines for the first time this season. While I hope no one on his team defecates in his... Read more »

They're dooooomed

Although you won’t read this until … well, whenever you read this, I am writing this entry as the Cubs are taking a shellacking at the firm-but-supple hands of the Houston Astros.  The good news is, it’s hardly terminal – Jeff Russell is clearly not a long-term solution as a starting pitcher. He should be... Read more »