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Readers' Blog: Winning

When pitchers and catchers reported to spring training sometime around Valentine’s Day, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the start of baseball season. There was still a ton of snow on the ground, the streets were lined with awful looking ‘dibs’ furniture and Brant Miller was showing pictures of icicles on the 10 p.m.... Read more »

Readers' Blog: ANGST!

I don’t really care about the outcomes of Spring Training games, and neither should you. The Cubs are an unsightly 1-4 early on in this fake season. They have collected more fielding errors than home runs. The Fail Whale started a dugout fight when he insulted Ramirez’s cocks. (Read this, perverts.) It isn’t fun to... Read more »

Readers' Blog: New Excuses for Late Spring Arrival

Well, we’re at that point of the upcoming season where fans are clamoring after any scrap of baseball related news.  Thus, the annual who’s late to camp stories.  As far as the Cubs are concerned, most players showed up early and the rest right on time. The players that arrive late are usually guys who... Read more »

Readers' Blog: Samardzija to the pen: Am I missing something?

I’ve read several articles recently arguing that Jeff Samardzija has a guaranteed spot in the bullpen because he’s out of minor league options. If the Cubs wish to send Samardzija to the minors at any point this season, he must first be exposed to the other 29 MLB teams via irrevocable waivers. If another team... Read more »

Readers' Blog: A Cubs Spending Spree

Can the price of beer affect the Cubs record?  According to a new book (name withheld because it’s really lame) co-authored by a Sports Illustrated writer and a University of Chicago professor, yes it can.  The notion is if beer becomes too expensive, the Cubs will have a better team.  I’m not making this up.... Read more »

Readers' Blog: Reasons for Optimism in 2011

It seems like a lot of folks are just not all that into the Cubs this year.  This is a good thing.  Why, you ask?  Remember, we’re talking about the Cubs here.  It’s their job to confuse us. As soon as you give up hope, they start winning.  Look what happened when Beldar Conehead…er…I mean,... Read more »

Readers' Blog: Oh Ronnie where art thou?

Oh, Nooooooo!  This is getting ridiculous.  Here we are only a few days from the opening of camp, and we still don’t know who has the unenviable task of replacing Ron Santo in the booth.   The list appears to be short.  Dave Otto or Keith Moreland.  Perhaps the powers that be are simply waiting... Read more »