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Why do we even bother - The 2011 Cubs at the halfway point

They’ve played 79 games….eeeeh, close enough. In situations such as the one your 2011 Chicago Cubs find themselves in, the biggest commodity that needs to be doled out is “blame”, although there are some reasons for “praise” as well.  When discharging your own personal Protected By Our Constitution Assault Weapon of Blame, you may choose... Read more »

The Cubs have begun to hit well, but pitching still a problem

I apologize for the matter-of-fact title of this little essay.  I’ve been waiting for a long time for an inspiration to come, but could not hold out any longer without saying what I have to say today.  Mind you, it’s the same damn thing I said a couple of weeks ago. I don’t claim to... Read more »

Starting Pitching was meant to carry the Cubs early this season

Remember way back when, all the way back to March, when we all realized the lineup was not set up to produce a lot of runs in cold weather (aka When The Wind Blows In At Wrigley).  I figured a staff full of sinkerballers and Matt Garza would thrive early on; in fact, I figured... Read more »

Spring Training 2011 Mega Preview - Casey Coleman

There was probably only a few people in Maryville today who were happy to see Silva the Hutt go after ARam.  Casey Coleman was probably one of them. He was the beneficiary of some decent support in his late-season trial in 2010.  He had two very nice starts that I can remember, out of 8,... Read more »

Cubs Spring Training Mega-Preview: James Russell

Just because you pitch left-handed does not mean you should be a starter is what the Cubs should be thinking. If your five pitchers are all right-handed, then so be it. The last few years, the Cubs were able to have Ted Lilly anchor the left side and do it quite well. Mike Quade said... Read more »

Readers' Blog: Samardzija to the pen: Am I missing something?

I’ve read several articles recently arguing that Jeff Samardzija has a guaranteed spot in the bullpen because he’s out of minor league options. If the Cubs wish to send Samardzija to the minors at any point this season, he must first be exposed to the other 29 MLB teams via irrevocable waivers. If another team... Read more »

Carlos Zambrano and Mike Quade: A Perfect Pair?

Did you know Carlos Zambrano sometimes gets mad? Seriously, he does! Of course, you already knew that if you care about the Cubs enough to read about them on Chicago Now. Furthermore, you probably know about the price Z paid for his crimes against baseball society last year: Carlos was relegated to the bullpen for... Read more »