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More thoughts on the Start of the Reconstruction

More thoughts on the Start of the Reconstruction
I have watched more Cubs baseball this week than I have all season.  I totally understand this brands me as a sick, twisted individual who apparently has no life and no appreciation for quality.  The first of two reasons why I have watched the Cubs this week is because I figured they would win these... Read more »

They're dooooomed

Although you won’t read this until … well, whenever you read this, I am writing this entry as the Cubs are taking a shellacking at the firm-but-supple hands of the Houston Astros.  The good news is, it’s hardly terminal – Jeff Russell is clearly not a long-term solution as a starting pitcher. He should be... Read more »

After 6 games, records mean squat in Cubs history

So, after a fairly miserable 2010, the 2011 Cubs have started the year 3 and 3. Guess what?  After a miserable 1983, the 1984 Cubs started out 3 and 3.  After an awful 2002, the 2003 Cubs started out 3 and 3.  After a pathetic 2006 (which started out 4-2, BTW) the 2007 Cubs started... Read more »

Cubs Recap: Five in the 8th for the win!

NARSTY I TELL YOU  Hey!  The Cubs won! How lovely! Most recently, Carlos Marmol managed to embarass not one, not two, but three Pirate hitters, striking out the side with a nice mix of fastball strikes and narsty narsty sliders. Moving backwards from his performance to the game’s first pitch, Sean Marshall contributed a 1-2-3... Read more »

Cubs Recap: Demp pummeled by Pirates

Apparently this is the only picture of Starlin we have on file. I sort of don’t care. Pirates 1, Cubs 0. Nobody wanted it to be this way, but here we are. How did it happen? Well, the Cubs outhit the opposition today. And they managed to avoid committing any errors. The problem was, all... Read more »

Calling the GROTA Army

Dear Goat Readers: We seldom ask for much from you.  (In fact, it’s been what, four years since that time we got you to TP the house of Phil Rogers?)  Most commonly, our requests are of minimal effort.  “Share your views,” we beg.  “Don’t throw batteries at Milton Bradley,” we plead.  “Only oranges.”  So you... Read more »