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Why do we even bother - The 2011 Cubs at the halfway point

They’ve played 79 games….eeeeh, close enough. In situations such as the one your 2011 Chicago Cubs find themselves in, the biggest commodity that needs to be doled out is “blame”, although there are some reasons for “praise” as well.  When discharging your own personal Protected By Our Constitution Assault Weapon of Blame, you may choose... Read more »

The 2010 Cubs were great at being awful

The 2010 Cubs were great at being awful
The folks at Baseball Reference recently posted an item to their blog titled, 2010 Cubs: Blowout Specialists. The Cubs lost 11 games last season by 10 or more runs; only 12 teams have managed to do that since 1901. How does a team manage to lose repeatedly by ten or more runs? I suppose conceptually it’s... Read more »

Cubs Spring Training Mega-Preview: Jeff Stevens

(Of the three prospects the Cubs got in return for (Mark) DeRosa, 25-year-old 6’2″ 205lb righty reliever Jeff Stevens is by far the most equipped and ready to make an impact on the ballclub now.) From scouting report at time of the trade. If only scouting reports were law when it came to production. Today’s... Read more »