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Monday Morning News Blitz

Welcome to a new feature here at GROTA. Every Monday morning, I will blitz through the stories from the three major Cub publications (The Tribune, Daily Herald and The Sun-Times). We will look at what trends are going on, and see what our beat writers think, while providing some commentary.   Now it’s time to... Read more »

Calling all bloggers

If the Cubs drubbing Ted Lilly – while they vie for first place in a weakened NL Central – is not enough to get us talking about the team, then what is?  How about Mike Quade breaking out the tissues as he whines over teams running up scores?  No?  What if there were threats of retaliation, insinuations... Read more »

Calling all Readers' Bloggers

Editor’s Note: Once or twice a month, you’ll probably see one of these pop up here on GROTA…. About a month ago, I posted an open invitation to our readers to join us and start blogging on the ChicagoNow Network.  So far, half a dozen or so have responded with awesome posts that I have... Read more »

Making a Readers' Blog Post

One thing we do at GROTA that separates us from the other blogs out there is that we have discovered a surefire method of producing content for minimal effort. We let you do it.   It works out pretty well.  Cub fans are a passionate bunch.  We have strong opinions on things that mere mortals... Read more »

Welcome to the Apocalypse

Welcome to the Apocalypse
Greetings, and welcome to the newest Chicago Cubs blog on the ChicagoNow blogging network! Some of you have heard of us. For those of you who haven’t… My name is Kurtis Evans. I’m a 31-year-old baseball fan who – in spite of numerous reasons, including having never lived a day of my life in Chicago – loves... Read more »