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We are in this together

I have the bad habit of actually thinking that I can win arguments on the internet. The good news is, it’s a trait I share with most people who use the internet regularly. Okay – maybe that’s not really good news, per se. I can’t help but notice on this site that individuals have demonstrated... Read more »

Frustrating times both in Cub Nation in general and at Goatriders in particular

Been taking some shit from some of you about the brevity and the sparsity of our posts.  I could assume a lot of it is due to your frustration of being a Cubs fan.  I share your frustration.  The season is a month old and, what, Marmol has lost four goddancing games all by himself?  It was... Read more »

We Do Not Swill The Cubs Kool Aid

When I first started making my opinions known about the Chicago National League Baseball Club, there was no Internet.  There was barely color TV, in fact, and at the time I took up the cause, it was not a popular stance.  If you were around in the seventies, you remember just how hopeless it was,... Read more »