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Series Preview: April 28th, 2011 - Cubs vs. Diamondbacks

Overview Chicago Cubs (10-13, 2.5 games out of 1st) vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (10-13, 6 games out of first) There’s something incredibly soothing about how crappy the NL Central is.  After all, were the 10-13 Cubs playing in the West, then they’d already be 6 games behind the surging Rockies (who, if you recall, just administered... Read more »

After 6 games, records mean squat in Cubs history

So, after a fairly miserable 2010, the 2011 Cubs have started the year 3 and 3. Guess what?  After a miserable 1983, the 1984 Cubs started out 3 and 3.  After an awful 2002, the 2003 Cubs started out 3 and 3.  After a pathetic 2006 (which started out 4-2, BTW) the 2007 Cubs started... Read more »

Cubs Recap: Hitters Hit, Wells Wins

“The X-Factor” brought it today. Cubs win. Good stuff. That’s what happens when you’re good at all three core concepts: the defense was good (Soto kept D-back runners honest with a couple caught stealings), the hitting was good (clutch insurance production in the eighth from Aramis, Soto and Sori), and the pitching was great —... Read more »