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The Long Goodbye

Nearly 10 years ago, this blog was formed primarily to trumpet the idea that the Cubs were not a team destined to fail. That, in fact, a century of losing was not a promise of more failure to come. We still believe in this — the Cubs will win, and it will be someday soon,... Read more »

Don't miss the point on the 2012 Cubs

Thoughts from the Ass End of Night: So I’m up early on a Sunday morning, as ordered by the powers that be at my place of occupation. The good news is that for once, there is nothing to fear, everything is going well.  However, I’m up and must remain so in case the planned implementation... Read more »

We are in this together

I have the bad habit of actually thinking that I can win arguments on the internet. The good news is, it’s a trait I share with most people who use the internet regularly. Okay – maybe that’s not really good news, per se. I can’t help but notice on this site that individuals have demonstrated... Read more »

Frustrating times both in Cub Nation in general and at Goatriders in particular

Been taking some shit from some of you about the brevity and the sparsity of our posts.  I could assume a lot of it is due to your frustration of being a Cubs fan.  I share your frustration.  The season is a month old and, what, Marmol has lost four goddancing games all by himself?  It was... Read more »

2011 Chicago Cubs Apocalypse Round Table

The 2011 Major League Baseball season is finally here. I don’t know about you, but I could only take so much more of debating whether Koyie Hill should be the back up catcher. In all likelihood, it’s highly unlikely that his inclusion on the roster will make or break the Cubs chances in 2011. The... Read more »

Calling all Readers' Bloggers

Editor’s Note: Once or twice a month, you’ll probably see one of these pop up here on GROTA…. About a month ago, I posted an open invitation to our readers to join us and start blogging on the ChicagoNow Network.  So far, half a dozen or so have responded with awesome posts that I have... Read more »

Calling the GROTA Army

Dear Goat Readers: We seldom ask for much from you.  (In fact, it’s been what, four years since that time we got you to TP the house of Phil Rogers?)  Most commonly, our requests are of minimal effort.  “Share your views,” we beg.  “Don’t throw batteries at Milton Bradley,” we plead.  “Only oranges.”  So you... Read more »