Goat Riders of the Apocalypse is one of the longest-running Cubs blogs on the net.  Those responsible for the blog are, as follows:

Kurt Evans has been a Cubs fan for more than 20 years, and has been blogging about them for close to 8. He is a co-creator of Goat Riders of the Apocalypse, and is known best for his overly-verbose sentences and his abstract, fairly lame photoshops.

Kurt was born and raised in Western New York State, where he grew up watching the Cubs through the eyes of Harry Caray, who admittedly wore glasses that were thicker than Coke bottles. He attended his first game in '98, had his heart broken by the team for the first time in '03, developed his first frothing rage at the ineptitude of the management in '06, and came to wholly believe that everything would work out toward the end of '07. He now resides in Toronto where he spends his spare time practicing to become a Canadian citizen - which mostly consists of speech lessons in which he learns to finish his sentences with "eh" and pronounce "house" like "hoose."

Kurt recognizes that the whole purpose of Goat Riders is to proclaim the end of the world by way of the apocalyptic nature of a Chicago Cubs World Championship, and he anxiously looks forward to the day when the blog becomes irrelevant. He pledges to continue blogging about the Cubs even after they win, however, if only for the opportunity to say "I told you so" to all the cliff jumpers and broken-heart pessimists who would sooner slash their own wrists than allow for a baseball season to play out the way it always does - with ups and downs, wins and losses.

Rob Letterly is a husband, father and Cubs fan, in that order, never mind his vocation, religious affiliation, etc. Of course, prior to his marriage(s) and fatherhood(s), he would primarily characterize himself as a Cubs fan, then whatever else came after that, and has done so since the pennant-winning year of 1969.

The Cubs have tested Rob, repeatedly, over lo these many years, and he ain't exactly the most stable element on the chart, anyway.  For example, he couldn't defecate during an entire 12-game Cubs losing streak in 1973. To this day, he always equates a Cubs win with Blessed Relief. In college, Rob spent most of his student loan funds to put deposits on renting a big-screen TV, hot dog maker and portable bleachers in preparation of watching the 1984 World Series, just the first of his many great investments. He rammed his new car into a concrete median barrier when LaTroy Hawkins bounced a throw to first base off of a Phillie runner's helmet in 2005. Rob vented his spleen daily, and furiously, on The Uncouth Sloth from 2002 until the day his lockjaw, dogassed employer wrote him up for blogging during the day. Now Rob makes nice here on a semi-regular basis.

Someday, hopefully before he dies, the Cubs will win the ultimate prize, and it will be as if we all have won.

Byron Clarke, 29, is a co-founder of Goat Riders of the Apocalypse. His major contributions to the site include saying, "Great idea, Kurt!" at the very beginning of GROTA, running with Rob's idea of making 'White Sox Suck' a perennial pick in our polls, and the fantastic marketing ploy of sticking the word 'Goat' in front of most nouns. Think about it, without his tremendous contributions we wouldn't have Goat Readers, Goat Writers, or the Goat Camera!

After graduating with a degree in Finance and Accounting from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, Byron satisfied a life-long desire to move to Chicago. He works as a CPA for a Chicago based private equity firm and attends about two dozen Cubs games a year.

As a kid, Kyle Betts got away with skipping church by pretending to sleep through his alarm.

"Is it 11 a.m. already?" he said to his parents, rubbing the fake sleepiness from his eyes and stashing his Game Boy under the pillow. "Aw schucks, I guess I'll just have to pray extra hard for my salvation next week. Speaking of salvation, some bacon would be a real lifesaver right now."

This lethargy, however, did not translate over to organized sports. His parents weren't afraid of eternal damnation for missing mass, but apparently the lowest circles of hell of were reserved for puppy murderers and those who skipped little league baseball games.

Kyle blissfully wandered the outfields of Park Ridge, enjoying the fact that no one his age was strong enough to hit the ball to left field. But in his first at-bat against a real opposing pitcher, everything changed. Settling into his stance, Kyle had all the optimism in the world. He had confidence. He had bravado. He thought the Cubs were going to win the World Series every year. Life was good, then he got pelted on the ass with the very first pitch.

The confidence was gone. The bravado had vanished. The Cubs really sucked.

Now as an adult, Kyle lives a few blocks away from Wrigley Field and has some trust issues with batting cages.

Chris Yarbrough, 31, grew up in Alabama, which is a long way from Wrigley Field. Like many Cub fans, Chris got home school and the Cubs were on TV. Wanted to be different from the rest of his friends, Chris adopted the Cubs and the rest was history. He attended his first game in 1993 and life would never be the same.

Chris spent 4 1/2 years as a sports writer at two small papers in El Dorado, Ark. and LaGrange, Ga. This time, while really amazing, did not pay the bills well at all. So, Chris went back to school to become a High School English teacher in the Atlanta area. He has two graduate degrees, and is now in the process of picking up his P.H.D. starting in the Fall of 2011.

The Yarbrough family welcomed Benjamin James Yarbrough to the world on June 1st of 2010. He's already a Cub fan, even he he can't talk just quite yet. Many of the followers of GROTA know that Ben has Down Syndrome. Thus, Chris spends a lot of his time advocating for Ben.

Chris' other interests include movies, music and the University of Alabama.

AJ Walsh is just dumb enough to think he can turn writing into a career. He's written for MLB Trade Rumors in the past, and currently writes for the Gulf Coast Business Review, as well as Patch.com, an AOL company. His favorite Cubs are Geovany Soto, Carlos Zambrano, and Starlin Castro. He currently lives in Boston with his fiancee, Erika, who is studying medicine.

More to come, including a bio on Mike Wilkison, and more!