At this point, we Cub fans must practice great restraint

At this point, we Cub fans must practice great restraint
Look! It's Ryan Dempster!

Fact: nearly every other team in the majors is better than the Cubs right now.

Fact: nearly every other pitching staff is better than the Cubs' staff.

Fact: nearly every pitcher available in the free agent or trade market is better than nearly anyone the Cubs have right now.

Fact: the Cubs will spend resources to obtain at least two starting pitchers this off-season.

Fact: the Cubs will not go after Zack Grienke, because his widdle feewings would constant be hurt in the crucible that is Wrigley Field.

Perhaps fact: the Cubs will be rumored to be "interested in" every pitcher that is available, sort-of available, or potentially available on one forum or another.  Even at this moment, the Cubs are "interested in" last year's clown-eye, Ryan Dempster, as well as the Angels' Dan Haren, solely based on the fact that the Angels were able to trade Ervin Santana to the Royals, because the Royals are, as always, The Fail Machine.

Fact: there will be dozens of names thrown out in the next two months, of which we will have the privilege of watching two of the names come to fruition as pitchers for the 2013 Cubs.  I understand that based on last year's death march towards the 2nd Draft Pick, it became crystal clear that our organization is utterly barren of pitching talent.  We brought in the best we had, as well as the best that was just standing around on the street, and nearly all of it turned out to be bad.  Perhaps you are mad about this, but as a longtime hater and so-called "killjoy", I don't feel that there was anything else Theo and Jed and their ever-expanding band of Lesser GMs could have done about the pitching.  We came, we saw, it all sucked, now we know for sure.  Our fearless leaders have done the math, and it told them that draft picks are the way to go, so now we must practice great restraint while waiting for the seeds to bear fruit.

And not resort to bashing each other or allow ourselves to become overwrought over which two names are going to get sewn to the backs of size 46L Cubs jerseys next spring.  If it's Dempster, Haren, Baker, whatever, it's just temporary, like the cones on the side of the highway you drive on every morning that were supposed to be removed on November 1st, but here it is the 2nd and still the filthy, bent, tattered pylons still sit...keeping you from getting where you need to be on time.

Another couple more years of pylons, sports fans!


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  • Fact: Another reason why I am not interested in the Hot Stove League.

    And do another couple of years of pylons mean that Cubs fans will detour around the ticket window?

  • Sorry about the cheezy gimmick.

    And the ticket window? I never ever thought I would ever see it, but yes. I think we are seeing the start of what would be a steady withdrawal if mgmt doesn't get things turned around quickly. I don't think your typical ticket holder appreciates the rebuild process.

    More empty seats for me, then.

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