I'm kinda proud of you all, Cubs fans

Well, they finally did it.  House has been cleaned.  There are still some Mathers and Sorianos lying about, and I still can't imagine what the hell a "stress reaction" is in Garza's elbow - probably is a new word for "pain".  I believe the extra effort they had to put in on the Dempster deal took attention away from forming a deal for Garza, and all this mumbo-jumbo is some sort of self-justification for keeping him around. 

Seriously, whatever this is threatens to shelve him for the year, which gives this latest Cubbie Occurrence a Prior-esque feel.  Ain't going to be able to trade him if he doesn't pitch the rest of the year.  So no, I don't really think this whole "stress reaction" is some sort of story to shelve Garza.  That makes no business sense.  Nevertheless, the Cubs are forced to go on as if they really did trade Garza, by bring up the Brooks Raleys of the world for starts.

I have been away for several days; in fact, I totally missed the Baker trade and the Jackson and Vitters call-ups until I happened to walk past a SportsCenter in a sports book and saw a guy running around for us with a #7 on his back.  Hot damn!  Today, I come back and check with Cubs Den to read their article on growing pains.  I notice it has attracted 56 comments. 

Oh, Jeez!  Here we go, I think.  Here's all the weenies complaning that they didn't pay to come out to see "nobodies" lose day after day.  So, I plow through the comments, and what do I find?

One guy...one 75 year old guy, complaining that he is getting too old to see any more losses, which he likened to "Amish Porn".  The other 55 commenters are taking the recent beatings as the constructive exercises that they most certainly are. 

I'm really proud of you all!  Any 15 year old girl can show up at Wrigley and cheer for the cute guy and only see that particular game as the end all and be all of her Cubs experience.  I am glad that so many of you seem to have the foresight and perspective to understand what had to happen this year.  I am not exactly thrilled about all the losing.  As a matter of fact, I wish Jackson and Vitters and Castillo all came up hitting .400, and Raley would have thrown a 3-hitter last night.  These would all be excellent beginning indicators of quality. 

But that didn't happen, and there is the possibility that it may never happen for any of these guys.  It might also be possible that they all will adjust and improve.  We would never know until we tried.  I was critical that Cubs management waited as long as they did to bring them up.  Turns out that perhaps they had a good gatdam reason for waiting.  It is never useful to overreact, as I was guilty of in the last month.  Keep believing in the plan, keep thinking long term, learn to look at the Cubs with a critical eye, and after that if you want to buy in, then you buy in with the knowledge of what is important for the next best chance we have of winning a pennant.

We just might not have a lot of chances to sing "Go Cubs Go" anymore this year.  This alone should raise your permanent IQ ten points.


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  • Brilliant article. I did kind of feel for the old guy though.

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