With respect to Cubs Den John, this is NOT rebuilding

With respect to Cubs Den John, this is NOT rebuilding
the Cubs sitting next to the rest of the league

No, this isn't what I would call rebuilding. 

The results are rebuilding-esque results.  And maybe it might be the best thing, long term, if the Cubs lost the most games in baseball in 2012, if they are then allowed the top pick in the 2013 Draft.  Perhaps, even, I might accept the notion that it is ultimately more constructive to let prospects such as Jackson and Rizzo have some time to acclimate and dominate in Triple A, rather than have them take lumps in the majors right now.

Theo has said that he is not giving up on anyone after 13 games, and Sveum has said that morale is high, and that he is encouraged that nobody dogged it yesterday in their 5-3 loss.  You know, like they dogged it in their 9-1 Wednesday loss.  Theo stressed that there is a plan in place.

Well, apparently that plan does not include any semblance of entertaining, watchable baseball in 2012, because this team is rapidly approaching the depth of shittyness the 0-14 Tom Treblehorn team.  From there, it's not that much further to the 1981 club, the worst Cubs team I ever saw.  And it would be different if the young'uns were out there, ala the late 1980's Indians teams with young Manny and Lofton and Thome; or the early 80's Twinkies with Hrbek and Brunansky and Gaetti, taking beatings and learning on the job.

No, we get to watch a team with one, maybe two (if you think Barney is a good utility man) Cubs that are both young enough and talented enough to actually be part of the eventual Good Cubs teams we have been told to count on later this decade.  The other 23 guys are bums; they know they are bums, no matter how good 'morale' is on this team. 

The way I see it, there are essentially two things the Cubs management team needs to accomplish concerning their major league roster:

  1. figure out how to teach Starlin Castro how to throw, or make him a second baseman already;
  2. get rid of everyone else over 24 years of age, and put kids in there that are least going to play this game with some enthusiasm.  If you want to leave your best prospects in Des Moines so they can dominate has-beens for a few more months, fine.  Then bring up your second wave of prospects.  I'd rather see Junior Lake and Trey McNutt get beat nine to one, instead of Chris Volstad and Marlon Byrd.

 Why the second tier of prospects?  The plan is to not bring up Jackson or Rizzo until June to prevent them from hitting "Super-Two" arbitration status in 2014, which personally I have always felt was unnecessary on a big-market team like the Cubs, but it isn't (directly) my money, so I will accept that part of the plan.  I just do not see the wisdom of letting Soto, Baker, DeWitt, Mather, Johnson, Maholm, Vorstad, Stewart and Wood continue the trend of the past two years of ALL of their careers.  NONE of them are going to improve.  Also, none of them are making any real money.  I have no interest whatsoever watching any of them, anymore, ever.   Just let them walk, and replace them with our second-tier prospects, like Jay Jackson, Travis Wood, Rusin, Sappelt, Vitters, McNutt, Jae-Hoon Ha, Logan Watkins.  It's also time to see Wellington Castillo up here.   Out of all of our bums, I am most disgusted with Soto.  The day they get rid of him will be the next great day for the franchise.

I can see letting Byrd try to hack his way out of this slump for a couple more weeks, but after that, it will be time to admit defeat with him, too.  As for Soriano, Marmol, and Dempster, the remnants of the Hendry Disasters?  I haven't read a truly inspired way to deal with any of them yet.  I suspect there is nothing that can be done with them.  All of them are untradeable. 

What a joke.



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  • thanks for the correction on the 1997 team.

  • I still agree with John. This is an awful team that wasn't put on the field to win. The payroll plummeted and nobody of consequence was signed, unless you think David DeJesus is an actual MLB starter.

    The problem is they really don't have any kids ready, except for maybe Rizzo and it's too early to yank him up yet and put him in a position to fail. The Cubs are better off building up LaHair's stats and trading him in July. I'm sure we'll see a few of them by the end of the season.

    FYI, the 0-14 team was in 1997 when the great Jim Riggleman was inexplicably still managing.

  • What exactly is their to gain by bringing up Rizzo, Jackson, et. al early? Two, three months of MLB service time? They can continue to develop in Iowa.

    You can jump to the conclusion that all of those veteran players aren't going to "improve", but unless they collapse this season, they will certainly regress to the mean. They will hit better. Teams ARE interested in guys like Byrd, but they want to make sure they haven't completely lost it yet.

    It's two weeks Rob. You are wanting to completely dump assets for nothing after about 50 PAs from veteran players. Maybe Soriano, Soto, Byrd, etc. will all completely collapse in the same exact season -- even though the odds are overwhelmingly against it. But why not wait for a couple of months just to be sure? Why sell low and dump assets after 2 weeks of bad baseball?

    That's not rebuilding, Rob. That's panic and frustration.

  • I have to agree with john here. A few at bats does not a whole season make. I also think de jesus and Stewart are good pickups. Young, cost controlled, and with projected upside. Certainly less expensive and more athletic than last years models. Not convinced about the pitching yet, but wasn't convinced with last years pitching either.

  • In reply to socalcub:

    A few at bats? What have ANY of these guys done in the past, oh, three years or so? Talent is a perishable commodity. Unless you get juiced up (Big Papi, Bautista), players tend to NOT regain what they lost.

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