Who is in the 2012 Cubs bullpen?

Last Thursday, Cubs management appeared to act decisively in the formation of the current year's roster after organizational meetings the night before.  Blake DeWitt, Joe Mather, and Steve Clevenger were given good news; Randy Wells, Wellington Castillo and Cubbie Boy (aka Last Year's Mascot aka Campy aka Tony Campagna) were amongst those who have nothing to look forward to this spring except BaconFest .  That's in Des Moines.  In Iowa,  Not Chicago.

So ok, except you figure that probably over 40% of the time in a typical Cubs season, and this one will be pretty typical, the pitcher will come from our bullpen.  However, at this point, outside of the Human Highwire Act and Kid K (the new 2012 Cubs mascot), we are not 100% sure who is going to comprise this important unit.  The first pitch of opening day will occur in 25 hours from where I sit, and with three qualified General Managers, dozens of scouts and analysts, not to mention Carmine Jr, the scion of the Baseball Intelligence System that drove the Red Sawx to 2 world championships....and we still don't know who is making up 5 of the roster spots?  My math says that's 20% of the roster, who once again will doubtless pitch over 40% of the innings.

Theo Epstein made it a point to communicate that "progress is not linear".  We should not expect, in other words, to be better in 2012 than in 2011, and then expect 2013 to be better than 2012, etc.  I guess we are supposed to expect that the Cubs will suck and suck and suck and, then, all at once they will be GREAT!  I understand how bad the pitching staff sucked last year, that nobody we brought up or brought in worked out at all.  I agree with Theo when he says that we need talent, because we don't have any pitching talent ready to go now.  I realize that if he were to go out this past winter and spend a non-trivial amount of money of relievers, like, say the $4MM x 2 John Grabow got from us, that he might was well just take a stack of Ricketts Cash (which ultimately comes from us) and wipe his ass with it. 

I know there isn't a lot anyone there can do, and regardless of who they decide on to start the season tomorrow, it won't be good enough to carry us to a title of any sort. 

My gripe today is simply that I expected more organizational order than this.  After six months of watching film, reading reports, winter league ball and spring training, I expected a decision by now.  Why?  What does it matter, you ask?  I simply want nothing left to chance.  I want nothing done 'last minute', by the 'seat of the pants', insert your cliche here.  I want this management team to be so self assured about everything they set out to do, there will never be any doubt of their intent.  I desire that there be total clarity and transparency, nothing can be misinterpreted, that all decisions be infallible.

Yeah, I know that's all a load of diapershit.  But I know that nothing else has worked, so I expect perfection from Cubs management, going forward.  This is the only thing I can tolerate at this point of my fandom.  And waiting until the last possible moment to fill 20% of the roster is not what I call excellence in decision making.  Yes, my demands are unfair and unrealistic.  Too gatdam bad.  I expect nothing less, and will speak up whenever the need dictates.


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  • I thought who was on first.

  • perhaps I need not be so annoyed. In the meantime, they went out and picked up a 2B on waivers, Lopez has been optioned but to "expect a quick callup",

    So they now have 14 position players, not counting DeWitt and Mather, who have not been added to the roster yet. Seems that Campana has not been optioned yet.

    Seems there will be some tradin' tonight. I think bye bye Byrdie and DeWitt.

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