Cubs 2012 - Week 2 Recap

Cubs 2012 - Week 2 Recap
Castro throwing woes undoubtedly caused by overly moist hands

Let's recap everything that matters thus far the past two weeks:

    • Jeff Samardzija - barely finished a fifth inning that he entered with a nine-run lead.  Maybe he requires the rush of close competition.  It sure looked like he completely lost focus Friday evening. 
    • Darwin Barney - does not hit like a starting big league second baseman.
    • Starlin Castro - runs.  hits.  catches.  But can't throw very well.  Nor can he come through in clutch situations. 

What does it matter?  It totally matters, when you consider that the 2012 Cubs season is nothing more than a glorified developmental season for him; the Cubs are but an extra layer of developmental ball for the three players that might possibly be part of any World Championship Cubs team. 

    Oh yeah, Matt Garza.  Nobody chimed in the other day.  Trade him or extend him?  I myself don't feel that he will ever possess the poise necessary to lead a pitching staff over the top of what has become 104 years of bad karma.  He's no Ace, he's an iffy 2nd starter; a great third starter.  I don't feel that he will accept third-starter-money.  What do you think?
    Everybody else?  Dempster and Wood are cuddly; LaHair will mash until the league catches up to him; and I never thought I would miss Tony Campana.  Everyone else sucks goat. 
    Special suckitude to Marlon Byrd, who is absolutely killing us both in the field and in the trade market; and Geo Soto, who is a god damned fraud.  When they bring Jackson and Rizzo up, have them bring Castillo along, too, and trade Soto for a bucket of warm snot.  I might have more respect for him if he wasn't getting his eyebrows professionally shaped.  Nah, I wouldn't.  At this point, between him and Koyie Hill, it's a coin flip.  I'd much rather start Henry Blanco.  He was the man.



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  • Or maybe Romney will pick Soto as a running-mate?

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