Would you rather be in Iowa?

Often times when a professional team is playing very poorly, some smart ass talking head will say, "The Duke Blue Devils could beat the Washington Wizards!" or something inane like that. Fortunately, you and I are impervious to that crap line of thinking, because we realize that a group of 25-30 year old professional athletes will crush the living bejeezus out of a dozen 21-24 year olds every single time.

So of course the Iowa Cubs couldn't beat the Chicago Cubs; don't even let yourself think for a second that they could.* But which team would you rather go see?

MLB lineup: DeJesus, Byrd, Castro, LaHair, Stewart, Soriano, Soto, Barney
AAA lineup: BJax, Sappelt, Castillo, Rizzo, Vitters, Ha?, Lake?, Flaherty?

That back half of the line-up certainly won't be in Iowa on April 1. But maybe by May 30? As for Ryan Flaherty, I had put him out of mind, but @harrypav reminded me that he might come back to the Cubs if the O's can't find room for him on their 25-man (@CubsDen doesn't think that'll happen but this post is more fun if we can put a young guy at 2B).

So which team would you rather watch? Would you rather keep the $35 and drive a few hours?

* Holy shit now I'm second guessing myself.

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