Sucks to be Randy Wells, but this is the right call.

I tend to be wordy so why don't I try and stick to bullet points?

- Jeff Samardzija and Chris Volstad each have more upside than Randy Wells.

- From the perspective of particulars, I believe Shark and Volstad would have had to be offered to other teams before being moved down to Iowa (out of options), while Randy has an option year left. So this decision was probably made a long time ago.

- Randy Wells is a major league quality starting pitcher, and ought to be traded. The Tigers could use a fifth starter, for example.

- If Wells is not traded, two other things worth talking about. One is Iowa rotation: Wells, Wood, Coleman, Rusin, Struck. Pretty loaded, huh? Should be a nice turnaround from last year when I'm pretty sure they had the worst ERA in the PCL?

- Finally, here's the difficult question for management I really really really wouldn't want to have to answer: what do you do if Shark/Volstad has an ERA of 10.00 on May 1, and Randy Wells hasn't given up a run?

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