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Unconditional Faith in Theo Must Endure

So, the lineup that needs NO introduction, because, even if I introduced it, nobody would care….your 2012 Chicago Cubs! DeJesus RF, Barney 2B, Castro SS, LaHair 1B, Soriano LF, Stewart 3B, Byrd CF, Soto C, Dempster P. A 22 year old third hitter, a Quadruple A poster boy, a miserable, godforesaken contract, a rookie-of-the-year who... Read more »

Sucks to be Randy Wells, but this is the right call.

I tend to be wordy so why don’t I try and stick to bullet points? – Jeff Samardzija and Chris Volstad each have more upside than Randy Wells. – From the perspective of particulars, I believe Shark and Volstad would have had to be offered to other teams before being moved down to Iowa (out... Read more »

Carlos Marmol - THE singlemost highest risk/reward pitcher in all of baseball

Carlos Marmol - THE singlemost highest risk/reward pitcher in all of baseball
UPDATE: Wells, Coleman, Beef Wellington sent to Iowa.  Clevenger, Mather, DeWitt make the team.  I think we just pissed away a ton of trade value, but now you know how the team is shaping up. Ran across this article by a saberween today, which firstly reminded me of the tenuous relationship between “fantasy” sports and... Read more »

This is how you're supposed to build a bullpen.

Scott Eyre. Bobby Howry. John Grabow. Carlos Marmol, even. One of Jim Hendry’s favorite pastimes is apparently writing $6-10 million checks to relief pitchers that lack good resumes. He also traded away Michael Wuertz the year before he went nuts for Oakland. So it’s not like he is just obsessed with relief pitching; I think... Read more »

The clock starts now; limited window is open to trade 3 Cubs

The clock starts now; limited window is open to trade 3 Cubs
 When possible, always deal from strength.  There are players on the current roster that, if traded, would accomplish more in terms of salary savings and providing opportunities to let promising young guys play.  If we could trade Marlon Byrd, for example, that would open up a starting role for Brett Jackson.  If we could trade... Read more »

25-man Updated Guess

Soto LaHair Barney Castro Stewart Soriano Byrd DeJesus Johnson Baker DeWitt Mather Clevenger Garza Dempster Maholm Wells Volstad Marmol Wood Samardzija Russell LCastillo Mateo DeLaCruz

The first of many speculations on the Opening Day 25-man roster

This is not the first Cubs blog to speculate on the 25-man roster for Opening Day 2012. This entry will probably be far from the most accurate, and will hardly be the last guess anyone makes before the first official regular season game of the year. But it’s fun to guess who will make the... Read more »

Would you rather be in Iowa?

Often times when a professional team is playing very poorly, some smart ass talking head will say, “The Duke Blue Devils could beat the Washington Wizards!” or something inane like that. Fortunately, you and I are impervious to that crap line of thinking, because we realize that a group of 25-30 year old professional athletes... Read more »

A cynical reminder for an optimistic time

For most of us it’s probably old news at this point — nevertheless, like a slumbering bear yawning out of hibernation for a moment, I feel the need to stretch out and remind folks of several essential truths about Spring Training. They are as follows: It doesn’t matter how great the veteran looks, he’s still... Read more »