Cespedes and Soler - Cubs must end up with one of them

Two promising Cuban outfielders have defected and will be available this spring to the highest bidder.  One is 26 years old and the single season record holder for homeruns in the Cuban League.  The other is 19 and is not the record holder for home runs in the Cuban League, but does have several advantages over the other outfielder, not the least of which is the seven year age difference.

Although it was reported last month that the Cubs were the most interested team in regards to the slugger, it appears that he prefers to play in Miami.  I think that is a mistake, frankly, on his part, but unfortunately it is not my choice.  In fact, it appears that the Cubs are no longer interested in the older guy, instead focusing on the younger guy.

The Cubs have not seriously pursued a single experienced free agent star.  I understand the announced direction the new management has chosen to go.  But don't ever forget that the Cubs have the money.  You and I and the rest of us have spent many millions of dollars on this team, and if Ricketts chooses to not spend it on "What some guys have already done", well, fine.  But then they better damned well spend it on some of the best young talents in the world. With the emphasis Theo and the boys have on building, I expect us to have a top 10 system by opening day, and a top 5 system after the summer draft.  Anything less is unacceptable to me.

If we don't end up with either Cespedes or Soler, then this off-season must be regarded as a failure.  Period.

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