Dear Lord, THIS was not the kind of excitement I wanted from the 2012 Cubs

Dear Lord, THIS was not the kind of excitement I wanted from the 2012 Cubs
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I am simply going to make three statements that are NOT intended to be mutually exclusive:

  1. I am confident in stressing that we at Goatriders are against any and all forms of sexual assault.  All rapers should fry.
  2. I hope the authorities come to a just conclusion in their investigation into the matter concerning Starlin Castro.  We pray the guilty are found guilty, and the innocent receive justice.  I have faith that justice will be served.
  3. Many, many times in the course of my life, I have entered strange apartments at all hours of the day or night in extreme states of intoxication.  Several times, I have passed out in said strange apartments.  A couple of times, strange things happened to me that may border on the actionable.  I did and said nothing, partly due to embarrassment.  But also, partly because I firmly believe that a person is responsible for himself or herself, once they reach a certain age of majority.  When entering said strange apartments at strange hours while intoxicated, I implicitly understood I was taking a grave risk that many bad things could happen, but I simply did not care, because  I was intoxicated due to my own ingestions, I wanted to have fun, and I felt the fun would be had inside the strange apartment.  I vehemently disagree with the current societal standard that people should be allowed to dress, talk, and act provocatively, and yet be held blameless for the consequences of their actions.  If Starlin Castro is truly guilty, if he drugged the woman and caused her to pass out, I hope he is punished to the full extent of the law.  If that's what really happened.


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  • Of course, the worst that probably would have happened to you would be some stupid pranks. Rape was pretty much out of the question, no matter how "provocatively" you were dressed and acting that night.

  • Oh gawd, I NEVER dressed provocatively. Nobody wants that.

    One of three things happened:
    1) Starlin or someone with him drugged the girl, she passed out, he took advantage. This is a Crime. Throw the book at him. A blood test done the morning after would go a long way towards proving this.

    2) Girl was SO out of it on her own but not unconscious; her and Starlin got down; she woke up and said EWWW, then reported it to Police. This is a Crime - on HER. She should catch some hell for doing this.

    3) Girl passed out, cold. Starlin starts working her bones, she wakes up and said EWWW, then reported it to the Police. This is a Crime, on Starlin.

    Of course, both #2 and #3 would require witnesses. Otherwise, it's all he said-she said.

    All in all, a true mess

  • Alright alright, still don't think you can blame people for how they dress but I'm glad to see you think situation #3 is a crime.

  • Wow. Posting something on Goat Riders once a week has proven to generate a lot of comments, hasn't it? In going over to Cubs Den.

  • The one clear legal point you miss is that there is no consent, and hence rape, if there is a sexual assault while the victim is drunk. Him drugging her would be an additional crime, but does not affect the rape charge.

    And, as for your "he said, she said," at least Ex Posts Facto indicates that there is a rape kit. If Starlin's DNA shows up in it, it is pretty much all over, unless it appears that she consented and was in a mental state to consent, but you indicate otherwise.

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