The Cubs just got 3-5 wins bettah in 2012. Pujols is in the AL now.

The Cubs just got 3-5 wins bettah in 2012.  Pujols is in the AL now.

Well, guess that puts an end to all the crushing homers on good pitches, as well as the not-so-good pitches. 

I honestly never believed the man would leave Cletus Nation behind.  No, it wasn't a good sign for them when he refused to negotiate during the season, and it also wasn't a good sign when he was pelvic-hugging Jim Hendry by the batting cage.  But when the Marlins rescinded their offer yesterday, I figured that was that, and we'd have to deal with His Swollenness for the rest of his career.  Who, I thought, would come up with the 30 to 40 million extra dollars that would make the difference to Pujols, to leave behind the only baseball home he knew?

Hola!  Me llamo Arte Moreno, yo tengo mucho dinero!

Albert Pujols and his Dominican birf certificate are now employees of the California Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, making 25 or 26 million dollars American annually until the 2021 season.  As a 1B-DH, he may even actually honor most of the contract.  I mean, he will be 52 or 53 in human years when it expires, but hey, if Julio Franco could hit in this league until age 49, and Pujols is MUCH better than Franco ever was, sure, it might work.

I'm glad he is not a Cardinal anymore.  I'm glad he is out of our division.  I'm glad he is not a Cub.  I'm glad we aren't on the hook for over a Quarter of a Billion Dollars for him.  Now maybe the Red Sawx can sign Prince Fielder, then trade A-Gonz to us for Garza, Marmol, and an autographed picture of Mia Hamm's husband in a Cubs uniform.


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  • I had just heard that and was looking for the Cub reaction.

    The question though is what effect realignment will have on the DH. It is understandable that an AL team would pay that much for the back end if he is going to be used as a DH, but, as indicated by similar mergers, the NFL isn't playing by American Football League rules, and while the NBA assumed some rules from the ABA, there aren't different 3 point arcs in Chicago than in Indianapolis.

    As far as autographed pictures, I would rather have Mia Hamm's, although she now is probably aged as much as her husband, who was frequently on the DL while a Cub, but apparently got healthier thereafter.

  • I'd rather have an autographed pic of Hope Solo

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