Ronnie makes the Hall, at last, but why now? Why not when he was alive?

Ronnie makes the Hall, at last, but why now?  Why not when he was alive?
Hundley - "You could feel him everywhere"

A year after his death from complications of his lifelong bout with Diabetes, Ron Santo finally makes the Hall of Fame.  I will be in attendance at Cooperstown for this event, even if I have to hitch-hike, sleep under a tarp and eat slugs like Timon and Pumba.

Not to come off all ungratefulish, but this simply illustrates the whole problem with the Hall of Fame.  If Ron Santo is a Hall of Famer in 2012, then logically, he was a Hall of Famer in 2011, and in 2010, and in 2009, and all the years back since 1978, the first year he was eligible.  His statistics haven't improved one iota since 1973.  Nothing has happened since then, let alone since the last election in 2010 (when he was ALIVE) that makes him a better historical third baseman. 

I have discussed, on here and at other places, whether being in the Hall of Fame should matter that much to a man who enjoyed so many blessings in his life.  I have wondered exactly what was missing in his makeup that made this recognition from this bunch of elitist snobs so damn important.  Fact is, though, it meant everything to him, and everyone knew it, and he DESERVED it, and to vote him in now, a year after his passing, is just simply cruel, to me.

I hope that, wherever he is, that he is celebrating this gracefully.  I'm not sure I can quite measure up to that level, right here, today.

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  • When I heard the news I was overwhelmed with joy. But it that feeling was followed by anger and disappointment that the Committee who saw him as so deserving now couldn't give him the one dignity of enjoying this honor during his life.

  • I could not agree with you more. I had the great fortune to meet Ron many times - he was an amazing man and deserved this honor long, long ago. I am currently reading "Perfect 10", a testimony to his greatness and humble attitude towards his fame. Perhaps he wasn't "elitest" enough or "snobby" enough to be voted in before his passing. It is a bittersweet moment indeed.

  • Nice piece, Rob. I share your thoughts on this exactly.

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