Goodbye, Aramis! You are good at baseball.

Farewell, Aramis Ramirez. During your time with these Chicago Cubs, you were a really really good hitter.

We used to call you Clutchy McClutcherson, and you totally deserved it. Those 9th inning home runs against the White Sox... Too much.

In nine years with the Cubs, you hit .294/.356/.531 over 4705 plate appearances. Gee willikers. Your best season with the boys in blue was probably your first full year at Wrigley, when, at age 26, you hit .318/.373/.578 (a .951 OPS) with 36 home runs and 103 RBI.

One of my favorite games of yours was against the Cardinals, I don't remember the year (2005?), but it was in St. Louis, at night — probably on Sunday Night Baseball — and your late three-run bomb sent the game to extras, and set the stage for a Neifi Perez grand slam to win later on (that seriously happened).

I think you will probably be a pretty good hitter next year, so it will be sad to see you smack 20+ homers for the stupid Brewers. It would have been cool if you were able to retire a Cub, but I guess this team is all about defense now, which I guess maybe some players are better with the glove than you. So that's too bad. I still think you have a strong arm to first, make good throws, play hard — all the good stuff. A three-year, $34 million deal stands a good chance of working out well for Milwaukee.

There's some less-than-awesome stuff I'm sort of thinking about in the back of my head (I guess I'll say one thing: you're a fantastic Robin, but I'm not sure about you as a Batman). But really right now I just want to think about all the good times we had. You were really fun to watch as a Cub.

Thanks for the good times!!!!!!!!11

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  • Farewell Clutchy McClutcherson! I'm really going to miss your deceiving numbers. Anyone just looking at your overall numbers would say you're a really good hitter.

    Some of your early season stats the last couple of years bring some really special memories. When the Cubs really needed their cleanup hitter to bring his "A" game before the Cubs could play themselves out of contention by the AllStar break, you didn't disappoint.

    2011 – 2 HR’s by June 7th – Record 23-36 – 12.5 GB

    2010 – Under .200 batting avg until July 9th – Record 38-49 – 10.5 GB

    But what warms my heart even more Clutchy, was how you answered the bell the last couple of times the Cubs made the playoffs. These are the stats of legends.

    2008 Playoffs – .000, 0 HR, 0 RBI

    2007 Playoffs – .182 avg, 0 HR, 0 RBI

    Couple that with his effortless play in the field and me first, stats padding attitude and you have the makings of a player we're ALL going to miss.

    In that Bartman documentary on ESPN recently, it really warmed my heart to hear Moises Alou talk about how he and ARam bought tickets home after Game 6 with one game left to play. Real dedication. Solid pro. A real leader and team first guy.

    That is what my friends and I will remember about you if you ever come up again in conversation. A guy who didn't show up when the Cubs needed him and only cared about himself and building stats.

    I'm going to miss that.. Yeah, good times.

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