What the Cubs hiring of Dale Sveum means, and what it does not

What the Cubs hiring of Dale Sveum means, and what it does not

It means first of all that I am gonna have to get used to the whole s-v-e-u-m typing pattern. Since now Chicago has a manager whose 'v' is pronounced like a 'w', and Johnathon Toews, whose 'w' is pronounced like a 'v', why can't they cut us bloggers all a break, and just trade consonants?

I have heard some people already saying that the hiring of Dale Sveum means the Cubs are going after Prince Fielder.  So, hold up.  The Cubs may or may not be interested in Prince Fielder.  They may or may not be interested in Albert Pujols.  In fact, the longer Theo and his Boyquarium does not deny it, the more I believe the Cubs are in for a big first baseman buy this winter.  But the two notions are totally unrelated.

What is not unrelated, thus it is related, is the fact that the Red Sawx also wanted Sveum.  Whether the Sawx wanted Sveum first, and Theo decided to steal him from under their noses, or perhaps the Sawx heard that we wanted Sveum and tried unsuccessfully to snatch him up first, we may never know.  But you can be sure that, whether it was out of spite, or out of respect for his former employer's judgement, or just that two "great minds" thought together, the hire of Sveum had everything to do with the Boston interest in him. 

Kurt thought I was partial to Sandy Alomar Jr., and yes, I think he's a decent guy, a smart baseball guy, and he was a big enough name to placate some of the fans still smarting about us not even considering Ryne Sandberg.  On the other hand, I remember Sveum as a poor man's Mike Fontenot as a player. 

Hopefully, he is the man to lead us out of the hole.  Blind ignorant faith in Theo still in full effect in my little world.  Peace and love.


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  • Apparently related to a Hawaii joke, but this reminds me of this Canadian wrestling exchange (mid 1980s):

    Announcer: Is it Slapowitz or Slapovitz?
    Wrestler: Slapovitz.
    A: Thank You.
    W: You're Velcome.

    Anyway, as I predicted somewhere on Chicago Now, the White Sox fan who said he was now a Cubs fan didn't get the job (McCannon, Mac, ... how soon we forget).

  • A Chicago joke ...

    CTA rider to bus driver: Foster please
    Driver: Madam ... I'm going as fost as i can.

    Rob, the thing that puzzled me -- Why DID Sveum pick Chicago? There is this niggling in the dark recesses that says it has to do with Boston's front office chaos and the disgraceful way everyone in Bawstan (media included) has treated Tito & Epstein.

    I am of the opinion that they will not make a king out of Prince. The defense and the build ... very leery of long-term commitment. He IS quite a bit younger than AP ... and thus likely to be around during the WS dynasty ::choking:: that is the Cubs.

    But the scatter armed SS ... even if he cuts errors in half ... EEK ...

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