Tyler Colvin: Finally, A Known Quantity?

That Mike Quade. The nerve.

How can he keep running Soriano, Byrd, and Fukudome out there when we have young players to evaluate?!

We need more Tyler Colvin, dammit! We need to know how good he is, so we can, like, not trade him! Or something!

I'm sure, like me, you COULDN'T BELIEVE IT when the Cubs sent Colvin down to AAA in 2011. He hit 20 home runs a season ago — 20!! That's, like, several! And it wasn't like he was hitting that poorly while up in the maj—

Wait. A .205 average? Well, I mean, he's young, he should improve, he'll get bet—

Hold on. That was his best month in 2011? A .205 average? Well hell, what did he do the rest of the time?

A .150 batting average, you say? A .150/.204/.306 line on the year? It must not have been that many—

What? That was in 222 plate appearances? That's more than a few. So what are his career major league numbers now, then?

A .215/.274/.422 line, huh? In 581 career at-bats? Maybe he should be back in AAA after all. He can still hit at that level, right?

Wait a second. A .275 on-base percentage? In the Pacific Coast League? That's... not really that good either. Shit.

So what do we do with him then? Start him off in Iowa next year and see how it goes, I guess?

Probably should keep our expectations way, way, way low on this guy. Ugh. That's too bad.

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