Cubs Trade Talk: Colvin for Ian Stewart? Marshall for Chase Headley?

I guess the latest Cub trade scuttlebutt is that the Cubs are in on Ian Stewart? From what I know about the guy — which is that he sucks at baseball — to me this is just further verification of the belief that the Cubs are open to dealing ANYONE, and would similarly put due consideration into the prospect of acquiring ANYONE.

And stop me if you've heard me express this frustration before, but like, holy shit, how else would you run a baseball team? If the Rays offered Evan Longoria and Matt Moore for Starlin Castro, well, geez, you'd take that wouldn't you? Untradeable my arse.

So, yeah, go nuts Thoyer, take a long hard look at Ian Stewart's career .236 average. I guess you could do worse than a league average bat with a plus glove at third, for the right price. But while we're talking about 20-something-year-old third basemen living out west...

Might I interest you in one Chase Headley?

At first glance, Headley looks a little like Stewart — OK bat (better average less power), good glove, youngish. But both third basemen play their home games in stadia with stark park effects. Check out these career away numbers:

Stewart: .229/.309/.427 in 646 at-bats
Headley: .303/.364/.441 in 1007 at-bats

Stewart's home numbers aren't all that different from his away totals; he appears to get a few more hits to drop in at Coors than elsewhere. But look at Headley in Petco: .229/.319/.336 in 876 at-bats. Those numbers are terrible!

Ian Stewart probably has enough power to wiggle his way into most major league lineups considering the position he plays, but I think his on-base struggles will prevent him from being much more than an average player unless he figures something else out. In contrast, Headley is already a solid hitter, particularly in the on-base department (the Cubs need a ton of help there). That said, the Padres probably realize the talent they have in Chase, and are asking for appropriately high compensation.

So what sort of trade might I propose if I were Thoyer? For the Rockies, maybe offering Tyler Colvin for Stewart makes sense? Both are young players that could benefit from a change in scenery, and the positional needs line up (Cubs need a true 3B, Rockies look thin at OF).

As for the Padres, that team always seems to be looking for cheap pitching. What about Sean Marshall and one or two of our middle infielders, like Jeff Baker and DJ LeMahieu?

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