Quade out; Ryno removed from consideration, yet period of unconditional Theo support continues

Theo flew down to Florida to personally fire Mike Quade today.  Then he stated that the new Cubs manager must have "managing or coaching experience at the big-league level".  Sorry, Ryno.  I guess this is just not your organization.  Apparently, and this was confirmed by more knowledgeable observers at yesterday's press conference, Theo has someone already in mind, just as I am convinced Tom Ricketts had Theo in mind when he was making his "GM qualifications" pronouncement a few months ago.

I was actually pulling real hard (pun unintended) for Ryno this time.  But, Theo and his Boyquarium must be trusted, wholly, blindly, and unconditionally at this point in time.  I'm not even being facetious, for once.

More updates as the axe keeps swinging.  It's gonna get real bloody at the Friendly Confines.


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  • The hated Redneck Birds are talking with Ryno.....

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