Open Topic: Chicago Cubs dream team (of coaches)

This is actually one of those rare instances in which we don't have a specific Best Choice for manager.  It seems as if everybody that The Jedeo has been looking at has the potential to be a good major league baseball manager - however, I'm sure that we all have opinions about the best picks.

Back in early October, I speculated that Terry Francona leaving Boston - along with the potential courtship of Theo Epstein - was perfect, and that the Cubs should look closely at trying to grab this incredible winning combination of management.  However, since then my own views have shifted a bit.  So here are my questions to you - who's the best choice?  Is it Francona?  Or maybe Mike Maddux?

What if Mike Maddux was able to get, as his bench coach, Ryne Sandberg?  What if Mike's pitching coach was his brother Greg?  Would this be a bad thing or, perhaps, a totally awesome option?  Discuss, at your convenience.



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  • at this point it is between Maddux and Alomar, and out of the two, I reckon they'll take Alomar

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