What Theo's worth

Journalist Phil Rogers writes that Theo Epstein's interest in coming to Chicago may extend beyond his desire to reverse a second curse.

Seeing that the Red Sox control Epstein's destiny until 2012, the amount of compensation they'd receive for Theo might equate to that of a valuable piece of the Chicago cog - a relief pitcher or pinch hitter or even a talented player whose value has been compromised by injury or insanity.  Not to mention Theo himself would assuredly cost more money than any other GM in the game.

Apparently, this cost should give us pause.

I have to admit that I don't regularly read Phil Rogers.  So I'm not sure - maybe he's bright eyed and optimistic for 2012.  Perhaps he believes the Cubs are merely a relief pitcher, pinch hitter, or risky talented player away from sweeping the Yankees out of the World Series.  But I think that, back in reality, the rest of us recognize that the summer of 2012 will be an excellent time to catch up on the aspects of our lives that we've allowed to go slack, since we won't exactly have good baseball to worry about.

In any case, as we have recently learned it doesn't matter how much money you have if your GM doesn't know how to spend it.  It's like a redneck winning the lottery - he doesn't build a portfolio, he buys a fleet of speedboats.  Jim Hendry made the mistake of throwing cash - and no-trade clauses - at all sorts of players, few of whom you or I would describe as "good long-term investments of money."

So, who cares if Epstein costs more?  There is zero guarantee that  the first alternative to Theo would spend that money in a productive manner.  In fact, knowing the Cubs track record, there's actually a pretty good chance that he'd blow it on the Major League equivalent of strippers and coke.  But I guess Phil had to write something today, right?


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  • Excellent post. I agree and still rest on what I said in my post in August, before they were available - Get Theo and get Francona. Success starts with good leadership and it's a process. I can wait.

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